About Us


At the end of the year 2012 at our Group Annual Meeting in North Atlantic, we established as a project to develop one of the dreams that was captivating our hearts for a long time which will allow us to contribute and make true a touch of joy in the heart of the children where our regional offices are represented. From this year, we named our dream with the project “GIVING SMILES”.

In this way, unifying ideas, efforts and the feeling of unity with regional offices such as Honduras and Costa Rica, we initiated in 2014 a program of celebration and gift-giving to children with limited resources, in communities immersed in extreme poverty where these children haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy a celebration where they are granted to receive a gift that brings them happiness and satisfaction to fulfill their Christmas wish.

In the year 2015 our project continues and we want to share it with the whole North Atlantic family, not without first thanking especially the hard work that the staffs of the offices in Honduras and Costa Rica have made and have allowed to take this sign of love for each child that we have made smile through a gift.

We invite you to be part of this joy and to join the dream that we are sure will enable us very soon to shape a foundation for childhood, which would be part of our business strategies with the approach of social responsibility we want to achieve.

GIVING SMILES… for the welfare and happiness of every child in our region.


To generate and motivate visiting programs, help and charity for children in the region, through our employees, friends and family in each country so that they extend their hands to give, their arms to hug, their faces to smile and their mouths to express with love and solidarity the motto “GIVING SMILES”.


To be a company recognized nationally, regionally and worldwide for the impact this generates in the most needy communities, through works of love and charity in favor of children.

Our Values

  • ​Love
  • Integrity
  • Solidarity
  • Satisfaction
  • Responsability